Wedding Details

We want to capture unscripted moments with the people that mean the most to you. Moments that you will treasure when the pictures are all that you have left.

And here’s what we learned: the expression on your groom’s face during the “first look” is ten times more important than a picture of the bottom of your shoes — even if they are Christian Louboutin.

(Unless they’re visible during your perfect execution of “the worm” on the dance floor. Then we’re all about that.)

We document the solemnity of the Key West destination wedding ceremony, love between the bride and groom, the joy of the guests. We tell YOUR love story. And we do it in a way that’s natural and organic. We understand the technical aspects of shooting at sunset and can recognize the reception’s best spontaneous moment, too — when the DJ plays the first few notes of the bride and her best friend’s “jam” and they rush for the dance floor. We shoot the Key West wedding in the photojournalist style to deliver all the standard wedding family portraits, but also the unscripted moments that make your wedding unique. If you welcome the cameo appearance of the Key West dude with the loud shirt, palm frond hat and hipster beard in your wedding photos, then we do too. We spend time connecting with the bride and groom before what is often a week-long destination wedding celebration in Key West. We learn your story — and your families’ stories — and shoot photos that will be special for you and only you. We are photo journalists, sure, but more than that, we’re story tellers. We tell your story. Our goal is to capture moments both big and small in such a way that our role is secondary on the big day, and primary after the fact. Trust us, you have no idea what your uncle will do with the punch bowl while you’re listening to the best man’s speech...

… but it will be a memory that you cherish.