Portrait Thank Yous


Just have to tell you, wow, these photos are unbelievable!  Your artistry is exactly what I was looking for! We think they’re all spectacular!

Kris Kish

Key West, Florida

We can't tell you how much we enjoyed meeting you, Julie & Jackson You created such a fantastic experience.  I know we'll talk about our shoot for years to come!

The Goodmons

Julie and David, thank you so much I am so in love with the photos! If you ever come to England please email us.


Julie and David are some of the most talented people I know. I have used Julie as our family photographer for 5 years and she always amazes me with her work. She has an eye for the perfect locations and can get the barest sceneries to transform into absolutely stunning photography. Both Julie and David have the best of personalities and thru your works with them you are bound to end up great friends.



My youngest daughter has a wicked sense of humor. It's so fast, and so spot-on, it's hard to remember what you were laughing about later. But Julie and David captured the moment, so I at least know what it looks like, even if I don't remember the joke. The jokester daughter, on the right, has a small smile of satisfaction on her lips; I'm in the middle, cracking up; and the oldest daughter is rolling her eyes, but she's laughing too. These are the moments ...




Julie and David captured those natural priceless moments in our photo session. They have patience and are amazing at what they do!! We love our photographs!


  LubosJuliaEmi-FP2014-1704 copy
Working with Studio Julie is always a true pleasure. We’ve done couple sessions with them and each of those was a very unique experience. Julie and David constantly find different ways how to make a photoshoot interesting. They would come up with all those creative ideas that I would not even think of and a final outcome is always amazing!!! There is not a single picture that we would not love. I highly recommend Studio Julie for their professionalism, positive attitude and fun filled experience. Thank you Studio Julie for creating stunning images of the most important moments in our lives!