FAQ Portraits


What do you mean by lifestyle Session?

We consider ourselves visual story tellers. We are trying to shoot your family naturally interacting, playing and doing what you do best as a family. The images are more pure and more you, rather than super posed and color enhanced. That image of your 4 year old and his/her personally being captured on camera is way better than him/her dressed in some ridiculous outfit with butterfly flying around their head. That moment, that look, that expression that is captured, will soon fade with time and guess what you've captured it.  

About how many photos do you take during a session?

This really depends on the event.  Some sessions are more,  while some are less. Either way we will guarantee that you will have enough images to remember the session.  

What should I wear the day of the shoot?

We believe that there is no rule in what to wear the day of your shoot.  We encourage our clients to wear what they feel most comfortable wearing.  The more color, the better, especially children. With that being said, we do suggest staying away from too many patterns or writing on your clothing as it becomes very distracting and the most important part of the photo is you, however layering and fun color combinations are always great to see.  The color least shootable is black and white, especially on the beach, and we do ask that our clients shy away from wearing it.  If you have further questions, try looking back at our site and see what others have worn. We can also send you some examples or you could send us your ideas too!

Do you shoot traditional style portraits with the session?

Yes, we set a certain limited block of time aside to shoot the traditional family style portraits. This is a great warm up for the camera and also gives you a few more options in regards to the photos.

How far out should we book a session?

Typically 2-3 weeks out will suffice, however if the session falls during wedding season, then it can take several weeks to get you in for a session. If you are working with a particular date in mind, just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your family.

How do we book a session?

Click Here to reach us with questions about pricing, products and availability. Once we have talked about your session, we’ll send you a password-protected site where you can sign your contract and pay the retainer. Everything can be done online or over the phone, but nothing would make us happier than to meet you in person in Key West. After that, you can count on us to be there with our cameras to capture your family having fun.