Love them when they’re playing.

Here’s what we say to that boring, staged family portrait of two kids bracketed by two parents: MOVE OVER! In its place, put a photo of mom cracking up after her daughter tells a joke. Or dad chasing after his speedy little boy, equal parts of love and physical effort on his face.

Our Key West family portraits tell a story.

We throw away the rule book that demands every hair be perfectly in place and embrace action — hoops in the driveway, barefoot kids with Tonka toys in the mud, siblings with a kite and maybe the not-so-tender moments if they are forced to share the kite.

We want to photograph what your family likes to do together — whether its paddleboarding in the crystal blue waters off Key West or playing with the family dog in the shallow waters of a Florida Keys sandbar. An action shot is a much better sketch of your family than lining up the kids from tallest to shortest on the couch.

We ask our clients to set aside the expected time for their family portrait photography session in Key West. We will spend some time planning where to get the unscripted shots. We can suggest outfit ideas (hint: the all white shirts and everyone wearing blue jeans look is out).

We promise, no AFP (Awkward Family Photos) hall of famers.