Day In The Life Details


Life is fleeting.


Remember that day when little Ashley plunged her hand into the goldfish bowl, her face wreathed in devilish delight? Or little Mason’s flourished and prolonged “taaaa-daaa’s” at the conclusion of a terrible magic trick? Here’s the thing about family life with young children — it’s a blurred whirlwind of activity that encompasses hilarity, sweetness, near-death experiences of derring do, and innocent sleep of the truly exhausted.

Our “Day in the Life” unscripted photo packages record all that. We spend the night at your house, get up before the children do, and shoot all day long until the kids fall asleep, each wearing one-half a set of Batman pajamas. The documentary-style photojournalism is happening during breakfast, as board games are played, as groceries are purchased (No! You may not have three kinds of Pop Tarts!). We capture the epic struggle of naptime and the unalloyed joy of the dad coming home from work.

And here’s the magical part:

After about the first 45 minutes,

the family no longer notices we’re there and what follows is a real,

unscripted record of family life …

a day in the life.


We spend an entire 24-hour period with a family wherever you are — whether it’s on vacation in Key West or in your home in Orlando or Atlanta. We take meals with you and sleep in the spare room. We’re there when you answer the phone and your little girl has a quiet, but intense talk with her favorite baby doll. We’re there to document how many times little Mikey launches himself at dad with the speed and force of a velociraptor crossed with a hurricane (no wonder you’re sore in the morning!) and how you bear it all with patience for the reward of a sweet flurry of kisses at bedtime.

 The resulting Day in the Life photo album is something you will treasure forever for its broad sweep that summarizes your life and the tiny details that make it so very yours.