Boudoir Details


You are so beautiful.

Studio Julie’s shots are very Anthropology-meets-Vogue. Or, to put it another way, the photographers celebrate what’s beautiful about you in a way that’s completely opposite of, say, Victoria’s Secret. This isn’t about a flat tummy or a perfect set of ta-ta’s or a size 2 pair of short-shorts. These Key West boudoir photo shoots are about the way you glow when you’re in the mood, with a dose of our photographic artistry to add a little mystery. Just like a naughty urge can happen at any time, Studio Julie’s boudoir photography can happen anywhere. It isn’t shot in a studio or even necessarily a bedroom or on a couch. Clients can pose in their own kitchen, a parked car or on the bow of a half-sunken fishing boat surrounded by turquoise waters in the Florida Keys. Studio Julie encourages boudoir clients to bring their own outfits, but not to feel limited to lingerie. Pose in a wing chair and hide the goodies with your husband’s favorite hardback book. Or pair a black bikini top with your favorite pair of undies on the shore of a secluded mangrove island. Don’t forget, or maybe you don’t know, he LOVES the curve of your back – shoulder blade to hipbone – no embellishment necessary (wink, wink). Of course, Studio Julie’s boudoir photography comes with a 100-percent privacy guarantee and all the professionalism required to establish the trust necessary for this type of photography session. Oh, and Studio Julie’s boudoir sessions are never lewd.